Joey Slikk Alt Wiki

Welcome to the Joey Slikk Alt Wiki

An alternative wiki about Joey Slikk with 772 articles and 42,774 edits and growing.

At the Joey Slikk Alt Wiki, we have rules that you must follow if you want to stay on this wiki.


  1. Do not insert false information on any page. Any false information will be removed.
  2. Do not spam anything. Spams are not allowed in this wiki. They will be removed.
  3. Do not create any pages that are not related to this wiki. Like spams and false information, irrelevant pages will be removed.
  4. Do not vandalize any pages. Vandalized pages will be fixed.
  5. Do not upload any stuff that I don't necessarily want/never asked to be on here. If you do, then that stuff will be either deleted or be put in a separate gallery.
  6. If you break the rules, you'll be blocked for a random amount of time.

That's all the rules I've got for this wiki. Hope you'll follow these rules when you're inside this wiki. Have fun!

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